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Favourites 3rd July 2014

Have you ever cooked that wonderfully delicious recipe only to never be able to find it online again? Or maybe you have been planning for the week ahead and found yourself juggling the ingredients for lunch and dinner?  Introducing the Peas & Figs Members Area, a new feature that allows you to set your allergy or intolerance, save your favourite recipes for later, or even add them straight to your shopping list. 

Building on our easy to use search functionality getting started with the new features is as easy as clicking 'join' and then filling in your name, email address and creating a memorable password.

Join Page

The first page you will land on is the Account area itself. Here you can update your vitals, but more importantly you can choose your Intolerance and Diet Type tags that fit with your needs. For example, I have chosen Gluten-free, Nut-free and Wheat-free intolerances, adding Low Salt and Low Sugar diet types. These tags will now be automatically applied to my future recipe searches making it both personalised to me and more simple to use (remember you can remove these tags from each individual search if you want too).

Account Page

You will also now notice a little heart on the recipe cards. Turn this green with a click and the recipe is added to your 'favourites' in your membership area. You can favourite as many recipes as you wish so you will never lose that delicious meal from the day before!

Favourites Page

For additional ease, we've added a feature where you can add all the ingredients to your shopping list. Simply choose 'add to shopping list' when you're on a recipe page and we will add all the ingredients to your 'shopping list'.

Shoppinglist Page 

We're loving the added personalisation the account area currently brings but are always looking to improve them so please drop us an email or a tweet with any feedback.