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Peas & Figs Partners with the One Elements Reset Diet

Reset 7th July 2014


We are excited to announce our partnership with the One Elements team for the Summer Reset programme.  We’ve had the pleasure of providing the recipes for the 12 days of Reset, carefully selecting foods that follow the Reset nutritional guidelines, are delicious, healthy and fun to cook.

Reset is your step-by-step guide to becoming healthier. It is based on Cognitive Behavioural coaching techniques, such as Motivational Interviewing, and a model of change called the ‘Change Cycle’. This takes you through the process of making these healthy changes in your life, so that they become more achievable and, crucially, sustainable.

Reset evolved as a result of pooling all the best ideas and expert knowledge from their clients, members, trainers and athletes. They compiled these and then worked alongside nutritionists and doctors to establish what seemed to work consistently and put together an integrated, 12-day package that was common sense, but really did work.

In essence, the principles the nutrition plan are;

  • Reduce salt intake where you can.
  • Cooking everything for yourself is the healthiest option.
  • If eating out, make healthy Reset choices.
  • Eat as many colours of fruit and vegetables as you can.
  • Eat slowly – this helps to release sugar into the blood stream at a slower rate.
  • Try not to eat too close to bed.
  • Aim to eat only until you are 75% full.
  • Avoid:
    • Refined carbohydrates such as wheat bread, white rice, pasta or cous cous.  Try rye or spelt bread, quinoa, short grain brown rice, or brown rice noodles.
    • Avoid dairy products except goats’ cheese or milk.  Try soya, rice, nut or oat milk.
    • Drink plenty of water.
    • Avoid alcohol.




There are six different options for breakfast.  Each option has a similar nutritional value and therefore, should you prefer one to another, you can substitute your preferred option into your daily menus.


Snacks range from fresh fruit, to raw vegetables to a handful of nuts or seeds.  It’s advisable to have a snack mid morning and mid afternoon, to keep the blood sugar levels at a constant and avoid those unhealthy cravings. 


Lunches consist of a range of salads and soups.   Where possible we’ve designed some lunches to use the leftovers from the previous evening’s dinner.  Look our for where this happens, so you can cook up the right quantities.


The dinner menus are designed to provide the nutrition you need on Reset.  The recipes have been created for those with busy lives, each meal taking approximately 30 minutes to prepare. 


Do not feel you have to follow all the recipes precisely, and if there are things you want to swap in and out then you can, provided they follow the Reset principles above.  The main objective is that while following the principles, you enjoy the food, to make this way of eating a habitual way of life.

Meal Plans: 

Your Week 1 and Week 2 meal plans are below.  You can order the complete Week 1 and Week 2 ingredients through the site using the Whisk module

Order Week 1 | Order Week 2

Alternatively you can download and print the Week 1 and Week 2 shopping lists from the links below.

Download Week 1 | Download Week 2


Mealplanner Wk1 

Mealplanner Wk2



Generally, we all know how to be healthy. The principles behind good health are almost universally understood. However it is often hard to follow these principles and so the One Element team are there to give you a helping hand through the 12-day period.

Reset 2

To get started on the Reset simply visit the official Reset Diet website at Here you can sign up to receive your welcome pack from from the One Elements team. Once signed up you will need to prepare for your 12-days and this is where we come in. First, we have a dedicated Reset Diet page for more information, or you can browse the Reset recipes here. Alternatively, play with the filters and see what takes your fancy.

As with the One Elements team, we are also here to help.  Please drop us an email at any time if you have any questions. And make sure you remember to share lots of pictures of those lovely meals you cook.