Caribbean Chicken

Caribbean Chicken Recipe

Recipe by Sparky - Peas & Figs Resident Chef

A great dish that can be cooked on the BBQ, grilled or roasted. The chicken will taste better the longer it is in the marinade and making the dressing beforehand allows the flavours to come together.

Take care when chopping chilies as they can have painful side effects! Often in the Caribbean they are chopped with a knife and fork to avoid contact with the skin. Traditionally the ‘lantern’ chilies are used which as well as being very hot are quite fragrant too. Green chilies are generally milder and removing the seeds will reduce the heat.

This dish can be served with a mixed salad, rice or boiled potatoes. 


1. Chop the shallots into a fine dice and place in a bowl with a pinch of salt and the lime zest and juice.

2. Mince the garlic finely and add.

3. Chop the chili and add.

4. Add the olive oil, vinegar, thyme and pepper and mix well.

5. Using about half of this mix, marinate the chicken in a covered bowl in the fridge overnight.

6. Add the water and chopped coriander to the other half and leave in the fridge. This will be your sauce.

7. Cook the chicken in your preferred way ensuring that it is cooked through, checking that the juices run clear or that it has a core temperature of at least 65°C / 149°F.

8. Serve and spoon over plenty of the sauce.

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Preparation Time: 15mins to 12hrs

Cook Time: 45mins

Serves: 4 people


4 chicken legs (or 1 whole chicken jointed into 8 pieces on the bone)

4 shallots or 2 small onions

Zest and juice of 3 limes

2 garlic cloves

¼  - 1 chili depending on type and heat wanted 

100ml water 

A splash of white wine vinegar

A splash of olive oil 

A small bunch of coriander 

A handful of thyme leaves

Salt (if using) and pepper


Preparation time: 15 mins

Marinade time: 1 – 12 hours