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Peas & Figs is an online platform and service that provides users with a collaborative and creative space to find, discuss, develop and share information about all things related to recipes and foods and foods suitable for special dietary needs in general.

These terms and conditions set out govern your access to and use of the information and services used and shared on the Peas & Figs website and any information, text, graphics, videos, or other materials appearing on the services. By using this site and using and accessing services and information from this site, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions set out herein.

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Subject to your compliance with the terms of use and access set out here Peas & Figs   grants you a non-exclusive single user licence to you to download and install one (1) copy of any application or set of information to your personal computer mobile device and/or tablet computer, and to access and use the services and information provided, solely for your own personal and private use. Your personal licence to do this is non-transferable and non-assignable and cannot be sub-licensed. You agree not to copy, modify, publish or distribute the application and information carried by Peas & Figs in any form for any purpose other than for personal private use outside the terms of your personal licence without express written permission of the copyright owners.

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Requests for reproduction of content otherwise than by your personal licence through the Peas & Figs website may be made in writing by e-mailing:


Submission of information and content

All users and customers are invited to submit information and suggestions on the basis and condition that (i) all information is provided in good faith (ii) all the information is accurate and truthful (iii) that you have right  to use share and reproduce all the information including any necessary permissions from any owner or co-owner (iv) that it is not a breach of confidence or a trade secret (v) that it is not an infringement of any existing copyright work or any other intellectual property right belonging to another person (vi) that its circulation is not prohibited by statute regulation any other rule of law (vii) that if the information is the property of another person (individual or legal) you have their permission to share it and submit to Peas & Figs.

By submitting, uploading, posting or otherwise transmitting or communicating any recipe instructions or content to Peas & Figs directly or indirectly you create and grant to Peas & Figs a worldwide, irrevocable,  non-exclusive, transferable, royalty-free licence, with the right to share, sublicense,  make, copy, adapt, develop, modify, create derivative works and recipes, distribute, license, sell, transfer, publicly display, publicly demonstrate, transmit, stream, broadcast and otherwise use such information (in whole or in part) in any material or immaterial form or otherwise and/or to incorporate such information or any part of it in other works in any form, media or technology as Peas & Figs sees fit.  You agree that all or part of any submission or communication and the information therein may be used copied and displayed on the Peas & Figs website and for other purposes as the Peas & Figs site in its absolute discretion sees fit and to allow reproduction and sharing of the same with other users of site subject to the terms and conditions set out herein.

You grant to all other users of Peas & Figs a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable licence, without the right to sublicense, to access, view, modify, edit, download and print any content and detail such as recipes and images, for the personal and non-commercial use of the user. 

Please note that Peas & Figs does not claim any ownership rights by way of an assignment in any content or information you submit or supply and nothing in these terms and conditions will be deemed to restrict any ownership rights that you or other persons supply or pose any restrictions you may have in relation to such information beyond these terms and conditions.


Disclaimer of liability and exclusion from liability

Your notice is drawn to the following. By your use of and access to the Peas & Figs site you agree to the terms of this disclaimer of liability and all notices of exclusion of liability carried herein. Through accessing or using the Peas & Figs website site you may be provided with recipes and certain dietary or other information about food products, including information on allergens, details of specific foods or recipes, the likely or estimated costs of recipes, and information related to food allergies and other information.  Whilst Peas & Figs strives to provide this information from trustworthy and reputable sources you are ultimately responsible for verifying the information you find on Peas & Figs and any use or reliance on any information content or materials contained or obtained via the Peas & Figs website is at your own risk. Peas & Figs is not responsible for screening and/or verifying the information provided on or through the website and we make no guarantee or warranty that the information provided is accurate, complete, reliable or safe to practice.

This site does not give medical advice or opinions but is limited to sharing information and knowledge about recipes, cooking, and food products and services.  All users, customers and visitors of this site with any existing or pre-existing medical condition or vulnerability of any description are advised to consult a registered medical practitioner or service regarding any personal or general medical question or query as to their personal health and well-being and as to the suitability or otherwise of any recipe product goods or service detailed or described herein and its potential suitability or otherwise or any effects regarding any personal medical condition, allergy or health issue and as to any other specific or general medical question or query.

For the avoidance of doubt use and access to this site is provided to you on the basis that no liability for any inaccuracy error or negligence howsoever arising is claimed attributed or attached by you to Peas & Figs (or the owner or owners of Peas & Figs in any capacity) for any loss damage or harm arising from use or access to any of the information carried, published, displayed or contained upon or accessed via this site at any time. This notice applies to all contents of this website and all activities undertaken via or through or involving Peas & Figs and the exclusion clause applies in respect of the operation of the privacy and cookies policies and practice set out herein.

No responsibility for any inaccuracy in the errors or omissions in the information published is accepted by Peas & Figs and, as term and condition of use, you agree not to threaten commence or encourage any legal claim against this site or its owners or any party to this agreement in respect of any error or default in any information published herein or any information supplied that is inaccurate at any time.


Copyright and intellectual property rights notice

The information displayed upon this website is protected by the licence conditions herein and copyright and intellectual property rights of the creators and authors pursuant to the Copyright Designs and Patent Act 1988 as amended and at common law and worldwide pursuant to all international  treaties, agreements and provisions pertaining to the same.  All information is owned exclusively by the creators and owners of the intellectual property or used with their express or implied permission in good faith or reproduced in accordance with the provisions for permitted acts under the 1988 Act and all equivalents in other jurisdictions worldwide.

This website contains information of joint and multiple copyrights for which permission to reproduce use or deal is required. For requests please contact:


Third parties

The site takes all reasonable steps to ensure that the information carried and displayed and all links published with respect to third parties are fully accurate at the time of publication and appearance, including lists of all products, goods and services of any class or description advertised by third party providers listed upon this site and based upon their statements and advertising.  All statements concerning products, goods and services advertised or provided by third parties mentioned herein or via links from this website are believed to be accurate at the time of publication. This site is updated periodically and encompasses all appropriate changes deemed applicable or of which it is informed in its absolute discretion. Peas & Figs reserves the right to remove at any time details of any third party as it sees fit in its absolute discretion.


Disclaimer of liability and exclusion clause regarding third parties

No responsibility is accepted for any inaccuracy in respect of statements concerning third parties and all liability is excluded for any mistake, inaccuracy or error howsoever arising including by negligence or otherwise. No liability is accepted for any act, default, defect or omission in the supply of recipes, goods, products or services or in any associated claim that may arise concerning any third party listed herein. No liability is accepted by this website or its owners for any loss, harm or damage however caused or however arising including from negligence or otherwise to any party by or arising from any of the recipes, goods, products or services advertised or offered by the third parties mentioned on the Peas & Figs website nor for any subsidiary of the same nor for any refusal to supply recipes, goods, products or services of any description.


Changes and restrictions imposed by or concerning third parties

You are advised to make your own checks and enquiries as to whether any specific or all advertised recipes products goods or service are still being supplied by the third party listed before making any decision to or attempt to purchase or consume any recipes, goods, products or services offered submitted or listed by the third party.

You should also make your own checks and enquiries to ensure that the third party is still trading on the same terms and conditions or has the same business identity as a person or party in law at the material time and has not been subject to any take-over acquisition or merger which may be relevant to your choice as a customer or your consuming patterns as a customer.

All publication and repetition of third party statements is in good faith but does not act as any guarantee that the recipes, goods, products or services concerned are still available as listed herein or as described by third parties by themselves in their material or published by them or repeated herein. No responsibility is accepted for any alteration or change or removal of products goods or services advertised by third parties in the past, present or future.

All third parties may exercise a right to refuse to supply recipes goods, products and services to specific customer offers or requests and no liability is accepted for any refusal or failure however caused or arising whether by negligence or otherwise for the non-supply of the recipes goods, products or services advertised by the third party. Your statutory rights concerning these third parties are not affected.


Legal age requirements

You may not use the Services and may not accept these Terms of Service if you are not of legal age to form a binding agreement with Peas & Figs; or if use of the services or information is prohibited within your jurisdiction. 


Applicable governing law

This agreement is governed and determined by the law of England and Wales.